What do our region’s trails mean to you?

Sullivan County Trails Plan Core Messaging Statements

  • We believe recreational trails are a key resource in the Sugar River Region.
  • We want to better understand the role that trails play in quality of life, economic vitality, and regional identity.
  • We want to identify the high-level projects, investments, strategies, and partnerships that will improve the quality and connectivity of trails and boost the region’s outdoor recreation economy.
  • We can achieve this by learning from our residents, trail organizations, local leaders, and business community.

Project Progress

Step 1: Trail Inventory
Step 2: Public Outreach; Opportunities & Needs Assessment
Step 3: Prepare and Present an Action Plan

Great news! The Sullivan County Trails Plan has been completed for review and can be found here: 

Sullivan County Trails Plan August 2023 and the maps are here: SCTP Maps (Appendix)

The plan is now open for public comment through September 30, 2023. Use the form below to give feedback on the plan. 

Do you know about a trail not listed? Are you interested in becoming a part of this project? Do you have feedback on the plan? Or, if you have questions about this project, you can contact us below.

Explore trails in and around the Sugar River Region!

The map below (courtesy of TrailFinder) shows many of the public trail systems in the region (and nearby). Zoom in and click on a trail system to learn more about it.

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